Skills and Drills: Mobility Mapping

Saturday, September 28, 2019
14.30 – 17.00 h

Workshop (practice and explanation) by Rocky Heron


Join international master teacher Rocky Heron for a rich and illuminating workshop that will re-map and re-wire your ability to move with intelligence.

A common misconception about the practice of yoga is that there is an ideal or correct way to approach each pose that will lead to success. While this may be true in theory, our body’s capacity to move is diverse and dynamic, and a one-size-fits all approach to asana may end up limiting our potential.

In this session you will learn an innovative, and effective technique to understanding yoga poses, and gain keys to unlock your functional ranges of motion for greater mobility and strength in your practice. We will apply this technique to unlock possibility around previously elusive postures, while evolving your embodiment of many of the poses you know and love.

All levels are welcome.



Participation fee for members and guests: 45 EUR

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